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Laurie Roldan

"A Voice To Comfort" 


About Laurie

Laurie is a professional singer, a loving wife and a devoted mother of three who has a passion for inspirational music! Her love of song, has helped her find her unique purpose, and fulfillment in her life. Laurie is a guest artist at many special events throughout the West, and has appeared as a soloist with Symphony orchestras throughout California in a variety of venues. Laurie has performed leading roles with numerous Bay Area theater groups, as well as releasing her uplifting CD "Even That".

Laurie's award-winning performances, combined with her passion for helping the community, have earned her a noted repution in the East Bay. One of her lastest endevours is filling the hearts, minds and souls of the senior living communities with timeless Broadway and best loved Standards, giving joy and stimulating memories with these classics!

In an article about Laurie in the 110 Magazine by Don Huntington "Singing for Life and for dad" states: "Each of us has a destiny; Laurie believes that she was born to sing. She paraphrased Eric Liddell's great comment about running,"God made me sing. And when I sing well, I feel His pleasure." And then she added "Singing is what Heaven has called me to; the task that the Universe has set before me."

Laurie is a recent graduate from Liberty University with a Bachelor's of Science in Religion, Biblical and Theological Studies. Besides leading worship for many retreats and special events, She also loves to lead worship at senior living centers, and for those who are ill, or recovering from illness. This way residents can eperience worship without having to leave their facility. Laurie has a healing "Comfort Basket" that she sends nationwide to those in mourning. Each comfort basket, available on her shop page, includes Laurie’s CD “Even That” as well as several useful items to aid those who are grieving.

Laurie's Testimonials & Reviews


"A Compelling Voice for Our Time"

San Francisco area critic Georgia Rowe writes,  "Laurie brought a captivating quality to the evening that is harder to define - a keen grasp of the music's emotional power, and the ability to convey all that inherent feeling to the audience. Her silvery voice soars with splendid intensity.  She could sing the phone book and captivate an audience." 


" I was completely enthralled enthralled with not only her gorgeous voice, but her ability to fill a stage.  In television they call it the 'IT' quality.  Well, I can tell you Laurie has 'IT'."

Leslie Griffith
Multi Emmy Award Winning
KTVU Channel 2 News Anchor


"Laurie's beautiful voice helps to provide an emotional connection with our hospice communities. Her singing provides comfort and support during a time of grief. I would recommend Laurie to anyone that is seeking an experienced and skilled singer that can connect with an audience and create a memorable experience."

Cindy Hatton
President & CEO
Hospice of the East Bay


" Laurie has been very professional and delivers more than promised. She has made our "Celebration of Broadway Hits" an absolute success and our residents look forward, with excitement, to the following months entertainment."

Cheryl Ortiz
Director, Resident Programs
Cortona Park, Senior Living at Brentwood

" Wonderful!  The Saturday night concert, has never been better.  Laurie has a beautiful voice!"


                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Attendee Comments

                                                                                                                                                                                              The California Women's Retreat

" Thanks for giving such a wonderful performance at out state conference this year.  We have many comments that you are by far the best to have ever performed at our conference.  Everything from song choice to presentation, and delivery was perfect!"


                                                                                                                                                                                                                  California Birthright

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Annual Conference


"I am always stuck with the same amazing thought when I visit with Laurie. How has life NOT diminished this lovely lady's enormous, effervescent personality? Her music, her voice, her personality andjovial nature seem so much bigger than her small petite stature and yet she is totally authentic.  How is it possible?  I just don't know, but perhaps because she has been able to express her life's deepest desires and passions through her gifted talent-which becomes a gift to us- is one explanation." 


                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Linda Curry

                                                                                                                                                                                            Women's Conference Speaker